We are a full service mobile app development company with global presence. Our highly creative design team keeps usability in the fore front of designing the solution – resulting in solutions that are very attractive, simple and are easy to use. Our development team bring along with them years of expertise in mobile application development which results in measurable deliveries and perfect implementation of your concepts through partnering with us.

We utilize agile methodology to ensure that your end product matches or exceeds your expectation. Our development process starts by understanding your business needs, following it up with storyboarding the final solution, creating design prototypes and then actual development. We provide demo at the end of every sprint i.e. every two weeks that gives you a chance to review the work and change the direction if needed.

Typical mobile solutions provided by us includes mobile app, backend API development as well as web portal. We are a full solution provider that analyze the complete business problem and architect a comprehensive solution.

We help bring your vision to reality in a fast paced environment.



Whoever you are a brand or an agency; eComStreet can help you in defining your mobile strategy. The decision is tailored by our specialists keeping in mind your target audience and the kind of business you are into and the end result functionality your business aims at. The knowledge and skills acquired over all these years guided in the right manner has resulted a clear understanding of the market, size, shape and competitive environment context for your mobile app.

Visualization & UI Design

Outstanding user experience and visual design is a major requirement to create a seamless experience. Though it is all about engaging the users and getting a high conversion rate, the result would only come through as a seamless experience with a well designed UI. We have highly creative team of UI designer's who are dedicated to creating Best in class designs which could grab your target audience's attention right from the beginning.


Regardless of how well the site or app looks, it will not perform well in terms of functionality if it is not backed with outstanding technical solutions. We are passionate about creating beautifully designed interfaces that won’t compromise on functionality. Our skilled developers having years of industry experience, delivering high profile projects ensure that right from the scratch the smooth running of the application to the end users is prioritized.


QA and testing are what separate an outstanding mobile agency from an average one. To ensure that user expectations are met and applications are executed properly we undertake the best practices for testing and use professional bug tracking software to ensure your app is bug free. At eComStreet, We also ensure that we device testing to make sure mobile applications perform well across several different platforms and devices. We make sure your app works perfect every time, will never crash and will always out-perform.


We take care of the complete app building process from the scratch till the submission, licensing and approval. The distribution team will assist in incorporating appropriate app distribution into your online and off line marketing strategies .We understand the importance of selecting the app store or stores and also emphasize on further promotion of the app which is equally essential to be known among the target users.


Our PR team will ensure that your application optimizes the chances of your app being easily found in the app stores by your customers. Marketing an app right can be a time consuming and complicated process. We know your time is valuable and best spent making the very best product you can make.

FAQs on Mobile App Development

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    How will the mobile platform benefit my business?

    Mobile has seen outrageous growth in recent years. In US, more than 58% of all users now use smart phones. Right mobile strategy will help your customer access your business easily, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, higher retention rate as well as additional business through mobile channel.

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    Which one do I choose – responsive site vs native app?

    There is no easy solution. Responsive site has the advantage of building it once and being available on browser as well as smartphones. However the user experience on smartphone with responsive site is not as smooth as native app. Think about your business strategy, functionality that you are planning on offering on mobile platform, budget and the impact to business while making your decision.

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    Which platform is good for me?

    Think of the audience you intend to target. Decide on the technical features you want your app to include. Are you looking to create something simple for basic users? Or is it going to be a complicated app that quietly runs in the background and helps users on the move with their every little task? When considering a mobile platform for your business, it’s important to know what you want your users to do with their device, which category your target audience is in, and based on your business needs and your customer demands. Contact eComStreet for expert advice.

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    How important is UI/UX design for the success of an App?

    User Experience differentiates an app from an ordinary app to a great app that the users want to use. User Experience is much more than pretty user interface. It includes simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of use for the end customer. Our apps are always focused on providing a great user experience.

eComStreet helps enterprises achieve their business goals by combining our experience, robust technical approach and our business analysis skills. We help you discover, define and deliver your mobile vision – allowing your enterprise to mobilize and be accessed globally among the smartphone population involve.

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